Sister, it's time to ACTIVATE your most Potent + Compelling Expression through the power of your Human Design Throat Center!  

In this Deep-Dive Masterclass, we will explore your definition, gates + channels of your throat center and LEVERAGE IT IN YOUR CONTENT, so you can start creating big impact (AKA magical clients + effortless sales) by embodying your most natural communication gifts!


Every successful business has crystal clear Brand Pillars. They are the anchor of every piece of content and every sacred offer you put into the world. Join me in this hands-on masterclass to leverage your Gene Keys + Human Design to define + align your Brand Pillars!




Join Ankhara Rose (The Gene Keys Queen) and Jenna Brown (subconscious rewiring + embodied wealth expert) in this powerful masterclass to UNLOCK the key to your Visibility!

Training, Workbook + Subconscious Rewiring included!

VisIble Masterclass





Working together, 1-on-1, is the fastest, most most direct path to YOU embodying your most AUTHENTIC PATH to Wild Success, Impact + Income!

GENE KEYS Readings + Mentorship

*click to book a 30-min connection call

*click to book a 30-min connection call

So you LOVE Human Design, but the Gene Keys feel overwhelming + you don't know where to start?

THE FREE  GENE KEYS 101 FOR FEMPRENEURS MASTERCLASS will teach you everything you need to know to get started on your Gene Keys Journey...

Did I mention I make it easy-peazy?!


“I’ve been practicing leaning into intuitive storytelling & it feels so much more authentic & easy expression & posting now! This feels life-changing! Like the missing piece of the puzzle! I’m so grateful to be journeying with you- and I’m already learning so much! You’re a Gene Keys Queen!

"You're a Gene Keys Queen!"

- Bobbie B. Rose

somatic coach + sacred biz support

"Wow, Ankhara! I’m finishing up your brand pillars workshop and holy moly it’s gold🤯😍✨Never have I connected this many dots and been able to energetically feel and tune into my own energy and that of my business so effortlessly. It just all makes so much sense when it’s laid out like this! I already had an awareness and used HD and Gene keys to inform my direction but this takes it to a whole new level!"

"This takes it to a whole new level!"

- Rachel Ceness

holistic health coach

"The depth of her work is unmatched. I have rarely met someone who takes such intention into their work, like Ankhara. My impact has expanded exponentially since working with her because she naturally calls this forward through me. I am so excited to see how the next year working with her unfolds!"

"The depth of her work is unmatched"

- Lyndsay Stoker

Medicine Woman + Biz Alchemist

"Implementing her insight has absolutely changed my life for the better!"

“My journey with Ankhara through my Gene Keys has been nothing short of a revelation. The Gene Keys feel like a roadmap to discovering yourself on the deepest of levels, and as beautiful of a tool as they are … it is truly the enthusiasm and depth of knowledge that Ankhara brings that has made my journey transformational.

"My journey with Ankhara through my Gene Keys has been nothing short of a revelation."

- Molly O.

"Ankhara is phenomenal at helping you bring structure with that mystical, sacred side to your offer. She is so grounding, so clear and so good at helping you anchor your vision… If you’re looking to build your offer’s sacred structure, she’s your gal!”

"Ankhara is phenomenal at helping you bring the structure with the mystical"

- Mariana L.

"EVERYONE should learn from her..."

- Jenna Brown

financial freedom coach

In walking through my gene keys with Ankhara I feel more clarity on my purpose in my business, more confident in myself as a leader, and like I have a clear path to turning my passion into true wealth. I have less anxiety and I’ve seen more changes in my addictive patterns than in years of therapy and Somatic work combined. I understand and have more genuine love and compassion for myself.

"I feel more clarity on my purpose in my business and more confident in myself as a leader"

- Molly O.